Sunday, March 1, 2015

Scraps N Pieces March News

The month of March is here, which means spring isn't far away. The SNP Designers have been busy creating some amazing stuff for our awesome members.
Those of us with boys are going to love March's Collab kit - Hey Dude. Pick up this awesome kit or the bundle (includes quickpages) today! Be sure to use it for the monthly collab kit challenge as well and earn some challenge points.
Have a fur-baby in your house? Planning to take a trip the zoo soon? Well, the Bits N Pieces this month will capture those memories beautifully. These each are $1 during the first week of March. Use any of these to earn forum challenge points in the Bits N Pieces challenge as well.
Be sure to squeeze in a little time for a speed scrap. You wouldn't want to miss out on some great participation prizes.
Don't forget to check out our store blog each day in March and snag a daily download.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Releases from Arizona Girl

Arizona Girl is the spotlight designer this week at GoDigitalScrapbooking
Lots of fun stuff going on 
40% off Arizona Girl's store at GDS
*coupon code*
use for $5 off a $10 purchase of Arizona Girl's store

a speed scrap on Thursday Feb 26 at 7pm MST

Check into GDS everyday for a piece of this awesome kit
bypass the daily stuff and purchase the whole bundle for 65% off the list price
or you can get each add on separate add on to enrich your daily download kit.
Eye Candy for the kit
Thank-you to my awesome CTs

Its the end of the month means it is time for GDS Mixology
Each piece is only $1.20 until March 7th
Here is the eye candy from Arizona Girl's awesome CTs

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Personal Musings

While I love having people stop by my blog and pick up any freebie I might be offering I have noticed that hardly anyone says "Thank You" and sometimes the comments are borderline rude. If I make a freebie and there is a reason you can't use it fine don't download it. To tell me you didn't download it becuase it didn't have enough photo holes or to many photo holes is just your opinion. Now if there is a problem with my download then let me know and leave an e-mail and I will fix the problem and get it to you.

I am not making as many freebies as I used to as you know my husband was diagnosised with stage 4 cancer in June and he passed away in December after a hard fought battle which he lost. His death has left a gaping wound in both my heart and that our our 8.5 year old son. We are trying very hard to get over his being gone when we miss him so very much. Mind you at the same time we are also trying to live life to our new normal. Which means my son has meltsdowns that will break your heart because all he does is cry that he wants his daddy back. I might think I have things together and I will hear a song on the radio and start crying. 

While I still enjoy scrapping my heart is not into 100% like it was before due to us grieving and my health. Life must go on and it will. We just took down our Christmas tree. Thankfully it is artificial otherwise it would have been a hot mess. My son didn't want me to take it down. We didn't even put it up until a few days before Christmas as neither of us really wanted to. We are basically depressed and you can't function being depressed. So I am sorry my "Freebies" are not up to your standards.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Our new normal.